Edge is a documentary about straight edge in the past, present and in the future.

28 years after Minor Threat published the song “Straight Edge” a world-wide, vibrating counterculture has developed under this name. Straight Edge stands for the rejection of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as well as promiscious sex. The origin of the scene can be found in the punk and hardcore scene in the US of the 1980s. The motivations for living straight edge are quite different: from negative drug experiences over aspects of health to political reasons.

The documentary EDGE shows a very sophisticated picture of the straight edge scene in past, present and future. Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi), Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis) und Ray Cappo (Youth of Today/Shelter) talk about the development of the movement in the past years and about their own experiences. However, EDGE does not only present the stars’ view on straight edge, but also of 9 other interviewees living in different US-cities who were asked to tell about their everyday experiences.

Milano Film Festival 2010, Mission Underground Film Festival 2009, Radar International Film Festival 2009, Raw Cut Film Festival 2009

84 Minutes, 16:9, English